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It's an open secret that World Wide Web abounds in different online casinos. New casinos have been being launched since 2002 and today exist loads of online casinos. Nobody wants to be trapped and then pay for his mistakes, any gambler seeks for a sound game, but how to make a true choice when there are so many casinos around?
Articles that recommend how to choose a casino usually starts with “It's a long-term and difficult matter, so do it in the following way..”, and then they said “Check license”, “Read message boards”, “Find out an owner”, “How longer he owns this casino”, etc. If you don't want to waste your time and read the same examples, we'd like to tell a real-life recommendations based on experience of a croupier.
To start you need to ask Google,Yandex or whatever a correct question. If you insert “The best online casino”, engine will show you dozens of top-cites recommended. All of them will shower praise on the casinos. Because these cites gain money from gambling operators for advertisement. They place all the necessary and even detailed information about casinos in Web. It follows that you should receive evidence of reliability of a casino.
It's clear that reputation is of high importance anywhere and in the internet it's doubly hard to prove your integrity and reliability. To lose reputation is easier than in real life and back it cost you double efforts. To become a top-cite in Google is a complicated matter and requires work of not a few people and not a few days. So you shouldn't doubt the cites that occupy first positions in a search engine.
The third and the last advice is your vigilance. When you click on a link, please be critical estimating a site. A worthy casino spends money on design and usable cite functions. Offline casinos are remarkable for their expensive sophisticated light-boxes while online casinos can't place only flash-animation on their site. Decent casinos always place a summary about their work and establishment itself. This summary includes contacts of a support service, cite reference on a developer and his software, license number to deliver gambling service. Casino obligatory posts the name of a company that audits work of a gaming house.
Many gambling dens are registered and regulated by eCOGRA, a world famous company. This company has audited bookies for years, and those ones that were a success after eCOGRA audits, are trustworthy to play there.
That's all you need to know about online casinos. Follow foregoing advice and you will easily find a casino to your needs, and the rest of your time may be spent on studying available games and promotions. By the way, a sound casino has enough games and not less freebies.

P.S. Be careful with casinos that aren't strict about registration and deposit/withdraw procedures. Honorable establishments immediately call you of any doubts arise. If you withdraw funds and in a moment or two casino's staff calls you to establish your identity, you can trust this casino and you may be convinced that nobody except you have access to your account.
So that make the right choice and bets, ladies and gentlemen!

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