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Betting arbitrage occurs when two bookmakers have different opinions on some outcomes or when a plain error takes place. A bettor can profit regardless of the outcome if he manages to bet on each outcome in different bookmaking companies. Bookmakers usually negatively treat arbers and limit their winnings. Arbitrage was practised since early bookmaking, and now Internet, odds-comparison websites and sports exchanges makes this task easier. As well bookmakers can take advantage of contemporary technologies to keep the odds in line with other bookmakers.
The time when bookmaking business was offline, bettors had to count on themselves and their predictions. Now all you need is to have access to Internet and keep on eye on odds move in real time. As a rule betting arbitrage lasts up to 10 minutes. A number of people that prefer to make money on sports arbitrage is growing, because arbitrage can bring extra earnings.
If you decide to place surebets, you may count on getting 15% profit of your total amount that you expend in betting. Your profit depends on time you spend on this occupation. If this work isn't carried out permanently, one may get 10% of income.
A typical betting arbitrage is approximately 2 percent, and very rarely it reaches 20 percent. Sports arbitraging involves relatively large amounts of money (bets are bigger than in usual betting). Your account must be of a minimum $500, otherwise you won't be able to make enough bets in bookmaking companies. The more you have, the more you win. If your aim is 10%, put $1500 on your account and in a month you receive $150.
By the way, it's the answer why arbs aren't so popular among bettors. However, 10% of profit from arbitraging per a month is more than 10% from your bank account per a year. It's simple mathematics, you have several thousands on your bank account and get 0,83% of profit each month, but you can spend this money on arbitraging and have 120% each year. Ask yourself, what's better?
One more reason why people don't bet on arbs is time. To learn to place miraclebets will cost you time and devotion. First (and long) time you're trying to understand how it works. And only after a while you have first results. You can make an error and you lose money, but it's a part of your learning. No pain, no gain.

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