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Swedish sports bookmaker Unibet can be considered one of the first who established sports betting online. In the world market they appeared in 1997 and then began offering first online betting. Only several sports bookmakers in the world can engage in competition with live lines of Unibet. E-Gaming Review awarded them with the prize “European Sports betting operator of the year” in 2006, 2008 and 2009.

Sports bookmaker Unibet can be admitted the first who suggested the idea of online betting. During 13 years Unibet tried to win over the respect of their colleagues and players. And they succeeded in it because today the customer base spans more than 150 countries. Today more than 500 efficient employees are only occupied with making your game here interesting and profitable. Three times Unibet gained the prize “European Sports betting operator of the year”, their stocks are listed at a stock exchange in Stockholm. The circulating capital of Unibet in December 2010 was $ 3,6 billion, they are the member of respectable association EGBA which incorporates the biggest gambling companies of the Old World. All of this is evidence of advantages and reputability of Unibet. Besides this sports bookmaker is the sponsor of famous world clubs as Valencia and Liverpool.


“Outmastering everyone” is the motto of Unibet, whose line of sporting events attracts so many people around the world. Anytime you can find something appropriate for yourself choosing among 50 sports from tennis and football to rare regional games. Those who are to criticize can not waste their time searching drawbacks in football and tennis action line. You can realize your sports betting online on more than 400 leagues, cups and tournaments. Right here on the sports betting website you may watch video and make bets. Your winnings are calculated instantly, so you can withdraw them.

In addition two popular football totalisators Supertoto Extra and Super Score are at your service. Agree that to bet 10-30 euro cents and then have a chance to win 50 000 euros is tempting. Can’t sit at the computer but want to bet? Not a problem, as you can place bets over the telephone. Fact and figure fans will evaluate statistics on the sports bookmaker’s site, where 25 sports are represented. Be sure that now your bets will be taken faster and odds won’t decrease, after instant calculations you’ll get your credit.
Unibet owns one of the best if not to say the best live betting section. This section takes much effort from the company and it has good results, e.g. on days off more than 1000 sporting events may appear in the live line. Despite the average odds of the sports bookmaker Unibet has their own outlook on the outcome so sometimes you can find overstated odds in comparison with their competitors. Average margin is 5,8% (football - 7,5%,  tennis - 6,4%, NFL – 5.2, MLB – 5.3, NBA – 5.2, NHL – 5.2)

Payin and payout

The lowest possible bet here is $10 and marginally you can withdraw $ 20. On Unibet you can use
Webmoney, VISA, Mastercard, NETeller, Moneybookers, bank transfer or transfer via phone (the commission will be 2,5% of the sum). You can establish your account in dollars, pound sterling

Customer Service

Customer Service is open 24/7. You can ask questions in any of 10 languages and contact polite and efficient employees via phone and site mail. If you want to send a message, be ready for waiting some time. The answers will be full and  will be sent in your native language what excludes possible misunderstanding. Before questioning read detailed FAQ where you can possible find the answer.

  • Customer service 0800 013 1571 (UK Freephone)
  • 00 44 207 949 0088 (International)
  • 0800 331 6049 (UK Freefax)
  • 00 356 21 33 35 77 (International)


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