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Despite the fact that the word “totalizator” is deeply implanted into vocabulary of betting community, but the majority of them have a vague idea about what totalizator is. If you poll people not involved in betting and ask them about totalizator, they will tell you that it's a synonym of bookmaking business.
But it's not the same. Same are objectives of a totalizator and bookie, they both accept bets on sporting events. But at totalizators money is collected together to become common for winners and at bookmaker's a player gets winning in conformity with a sum of money placed and a final odd. Besides, bookies take into consideration each particular stake and and they do not depend on activity and players' forecasts.
At totalizators all the money that forms the pot are distributed among lucky men who called an exact outcome. The less lucky men, the more winnings they can gain. While making bets at a totalizator you can't know how much money in the pot, you know that when bets aren't accepted any more. To be honest, recently appeared a lot of totalizators with the pot guaranteed, the size of which is determined beforehand and can only increase if a certain number of players will come to bet there. Nevertheless, it's difficult to guess how much one can win, as several may give a right outcome.
Totalizators earn the same way as bookies do when they charge a defined commission from total bets. More and more frequent bookmakers and well-known world casinos set totalizators on their sites and offer to divine winners of a few tennis competitions or guess exact football scores, set of three dogs that will come first and other sporting results.

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