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To fund Betfair account you must first have it. How to open it and to get 20 euro from Betfair on your first possible mistakes we've described in the related article “Registration on Betfair”.
You should understand that if you want first to sort out the Betfair's interface you don't have to add money to the account. But to practice in backing and laying you need to credit the account using one of the payment methods offered by Betfair. Betfair permits to have accounts and to play for users who live in the following countries:

Visa and MasterCard branded credit and debit cards from these countries are accepted by Betfair. There are several ways to deposit funds into Betfair account via cards, bank transfer and e-wallet stored-value services. Anyway Betfair is to be informed from which card or bank account money will come. Only you must send funds to your Betfair account. Because the company doesn't accept deposits realized by third parties, otherwise Betfair rejects the transaction.
Before you send your card details to Betfair over the internet you should know that Betfair has the highest level of security fro online transactions. Special encryption technology permits to pass personal information in a safe way using SSL mechanism. The card details and your personal information are stored on a server and are encrypted. Betfair has a BT TrustWise Secure Server Certificate, also called a Secure Server ID, via which Betfair can interact securely with any user using Microsoft Internet Explorer or other browsers.
If we put an end to your doubts let's make a first step on depositing funds into the Betfair account. You need to log in. Then click on Deposit.

In the menu on the left click on the third line from the top “Deposit funds into Betfair”

Several payment methods are at your disposal, but be sure that card payment method is the most convenient. First of all, because of popularity of cards. You have at least one for purchasing or keeping your money in store and even several for different currencies. Then the advantageous moment about a small fee or no fee when you make transactions via cards. In a case of a bank transfer it's higher. So using a card while adding money to the account takes you less time and money, for that you just need to type your card details and be satisfied with quick pay-ins and pay outs.
Remember while registration you indicated the currency of your account, so the currency of your card must be the same one. You can add up to 3 cards to your account (but only one within the first 24 hours). To start click on “Add card details”.

After you need to enter the required information.

After filling up the relevant details click on “Next” at the bottom of the page.
Now you can fund your account via your added card. At the top of the homepage in the login box click on Deposit.

You need to choose the preferred card from the list, enter the sum to deposit. Besides you need to look at the other side of your card and type the security number. Betfair doesn't store it and transaction can't be processed without it. To end up with the process indicate your login password. Your means will be deposited as soon as the transaction is authorised.

If you're an owner of MasterCard you should know about recent changes in the company policy. Until your card is validated you can't withdraw money to the registered Mastercard. Your card may have two letters below: Y (validated) and N (not validated). You don't have to pass through a special process of validation, it happens automatically a few months after you've deposited funds. Or you can send proof that you're the owner of the card. While you have N card status you can withdraw by cheque or bank transfer.
Those who possess a non-UK Mastercard also can't withdraw winnings to their registered card. The requirements are the same, the card must be validated. The process of validation is described above.

If you want to try other payment methods or you're afraid of giving your card details to Betfair, you may fund your account via several online money transfer services listed on your “Deposit Funds into your Betfair Account” page like:

When you click on the respective icon, Betfair provides you with necessary information and requirements of the payment system. Don't ignore them not to have troubles with transferring funds in future.
Two other ways of transferring funds to your account are cheque and Western Union. To use them click on Other Ways to Deposit Funds on your “Deposit Funds into your Betfair Account” page.
Funds deposited and withdrawn by cheque may be in any currency and usually you don't have to pay fee. But clearing time depends on your country and bank. Please look if you indicate your Betfair username on the back side of the cheque.

If you'd like to deposit and withdraw winnings via bank transfer, please, choose one of the Betfair's network accounts. Betfair will offer the most convenient for you taking into account the country you live in and currency you use.

To sum it up we insert payment method data in one table in order you feel more comfortable about choosing the best one for your needs or in your circumstances.

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