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Films that are going to be presented here, shows the seamy side of lives where betting and trading are considerable parts that have overwhelm the owners. We don't live at desert island and hear about traders, shares, securities, brokers, investments, bookmakers, bets on sports and so on.  But do many know what hides behind-the scenes? What sort of people are engaged in betting and trading? How do they risk and what hidden rocks will they stumble over? Virtually movie industry headed by eminent and talented directors lifts the veil so that common people can look deeper inside. And not only trading or betting laymen can enjoy films and their ideas, but experts have a chance to compare things they face at work and the way it is displayed on screens. The following films are very famous and got millions of good comments, they are thought-provoking and are likely to rise a keen response in you. While watching ask yourself what would you do if you were him, and don't think that these people are some particular group and can't have relation to you, everything can occur in such an unpredictable life.

Limitless (2011)
The main character Eddie Morra is a mediocre writer suffering from writer's block, alcohol and drug addiction, rupture of relations. His old friend gives him an experimental medicine that enables Eddie to “turn on” his brain on 100%. He learns any language during a day, studies sciences, earns several millions for 10 days. He's incredible, but nobody likes sudden upstart.

Margin call (2011)
This movie tells you how in the run-up to financial disaster private interests dominates over general, even if the crush concerns countries. A market analysts finds out, that financial collapse is coming. A bank where he works has two ways out: get rid of shares they hold and  doom grand stockholders and ordinary depositors to losses or sell shares, net billions and say farewell to colleagues and their financial careers. See what cupidity can lead to.   

Luck (2011)
If you like horse racing, you will like this serial. A conman Chester Bernstein is released from prison, he wants to get his revenge on ex-partners and participates in horse races. He acquired a promising horse, an efficient trainer exercises it and the horse finishes runner-up. But what events happen around? What game do trainers,  jockeys, fans and gamblers play?

Wall street (1987)
An ambitious young broker Bud Fox lives and works in New York of 1985. He dreams of trading exchange heights. His father told him insider information and Bud decides to use it to attract attention of Gordon Gekko. Gordon is a business tycoon, Bud admires him and seeks for meeting. They met and Gekko gets a chance to buy a company at reduced price. Both profit from it. But Gordon wants to divide the company and sell. Fox's father is a worker of the company, Fox cant' let Gekko deprive his father of work. And he began to act...

Wall street: money doesn't sleep (2010)
It's continuation of the movie “Wall Street”. A history of Gordon Gekko continues, he is released, he wrote a book where he managed to predict financial crisis of 2008, as it appeared afterwards. His daughter broke off relations with her father and at this moment is going to marry Jacob, a Wall Street trader. The financial crisis burst out and Jacob asks for Gordon's help. Gekko consents if Jacob helps him to restore relation with his daughter. What if Gekko isn't only willing to help a future son-in-law, but to grow rich as well?

Two for money (2005)
Brandon Lang, an ex-footballer, got serious injury and had to find another way to earn. He decides to predict matches' outcomes, he's so good at it that Walter Adams, a New York businessman, invites him to cooperate and make millions together. They make millions, but how long will it last?

Boiler room (2000)       
You are young and you want to conquer the world: cars, villas, yachts at your feet. Seth dream of a luxurious life. Dreams are used to coming true. He accepts an invitation to work in a broker company J.T. Marlin. He lives a high-life type of lifestyle and Seth is unaware of the dark side of his quickly successful job. And at this moment FBI is keeping an eye on the firm.

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