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You are here: Home / About Betfair / Spain and Switzerland managed to shatter a record of Betfair in the Republic of South America.

These two teams actually managed to break all the records and in quite an original way. The first world championship round starts in RSA in H group. Spain is competing against Switzerland and to astonishment and horror of fans Switzerland shoots in a terrific goal that wins the game.  Nobody could expect that.
Statistical data shows that bettors around the world placed 50 million pounds on bets and 32 million of them were wagered on Betfair. Markets on Betfair are very liquid, but 32 million market is remarkable even for Betfair. These 32 million were spent on winnings and amounts were tremendous and record-beating.
Total sum of the match Spain & Switzerland went beyond the amount of England & USA match, ended in 1:1, and Italy & Romania match during Euro 2008.
Despite the fact, that Switzerland kicked only one goal, the match became legendary and memorable in Betfair history.
Although many Europeans consider the Spain national team to be a loser because therefore it was defeated at all major tournaments, it didn't prevent the national team from being ranked number 1 in FIFA World and World Football Elo ratings. Spain got that rank after triumph in Euro 2008 and win the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012. Spain is the only national team in football history to finish runners-up in three major championships consecutively.

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