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For a long time slot-machines were a high risk and only some could take the risks. When somebody offers machine gambling, it was supposed to risk pretty penny. But when slots were moved to the “other side of a monitor”, video-slot fans were able to play without any risk of losing penny.
The matter is that many online gambling establishments have two modes of video-slots – play for real and in-game money. So if you're willing to feel adrenaline and coin in, play for real currency. If you want to reel video-slot and listen to specific melody, you can use in-game currency.
But! If you play for demo-money (it has no real value), you feel demo-excitement and demo-adrenaline. Those who tried their hands in both versions of video-slot, can prove that impressions are totally different.
Sorry for comparison, but it's like a woman of flesh and blood and inflatable doll. Of course, you're more excited with the first one, but the second won't make troubles. Slots are hazard when you play for money and you have to be responsible for your actions.
If you lose, don't blame it on either your friends who recommended you this casino, or on your mood, or on a machine that swallowed your funds. Stake the sum you can allow yourself to lose.
Why does society consider slot-machines social evil? Because many lives were ruined when people staked a lot. And why did they do that? Because they couldn't control their game funds and not because gambling establishments are so insidious.
The issue is that we first need to learn control our money. If only once we run a risk and place a stake bigger than we may count on, we step on the road leading to bankruptcy. Nobody expects it, so don't start exceeding your budget.
The main rule is the following: no matter how you play, the point is control under your emotions and bank. If you're not able to admit it, play for virtual money, it's safer!

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