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Any Betfair community member will tell you : “Betting without Betfair is nothing”. There is no exaggeration, a huge range of clients can prove it. A number of clients is rising and base level already exceeds 4 million!!! Just imagine the volume of funds that are turning over every day here. Betfair has only 5 % and the rest of millions are flowing to customers accounts. Punters prefer this betting exchange because earning here is fair and stable and let them count on themselves. They compete with fellow punters like they are and receive all the possibilities from Betfair to win in the competition. You may doubt if it's possible to be charge of your own betting, to play against punters and not bookmaker's experts, to receive much superior odds, to have exclusive betting content and to place bets from any device at your disposal. You should try and get rid of your doubtful thoughts by joining the Betfair exchange. No subscriber fee is needed and only minimum personal information is necessary. Betfair understands that information about their customers is private and it is very concerned about its privacy. Betfair has invested much in providing a world class Information Security Management System so clients data have no risks to be revealed or stolen.
To join Betfair is a matter of several minutes and can be done from the landing page. In the top right hand corner “Join now” button is located, click on it and you may start to register. While completing the obligatory fields pay your attention to the promo-code and 18+.
Promo code is a special code with which you can place bets and gain 20 euro from Betfair. It is easy to understand that a new bettor with a vague idea about Betfair betting doesn't want to waste money just finding out what it is. He's afraid of losing money and being disappointed afterwards. That's why Betfair lets new customers try their hand in Betfair betting and sends 20 euro to their account. When you reach the promo code section type in the following

After the registration is over you can place bets for 20 euro (the minimum bet is 4€) and if you fail Betfair returns you money on your account. If you win you'll also get 20 euro. Either way fortune is yours.
The other aspect about Betfair we want to mention is age verification.

Only adults after 18 are allowed to place bets. If during verification Betfair suspects something it can suspend or restrict a customer's account until details are cleared out. Thus you can be sure that you play with mature bettors and in a case of a necessity Betfair disposes of client's data.

Be sure customer's privacy is a matter of high importance for Betfair, so without hesitations register, fill in fields and get down to betting business on Betfair with better odds and bigger wins!

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