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Petr Cech

  • Name: Petr Cech
    Country: Czech Republic
    Weight: 91
    Height: 197
    Birthday: 1982-05-20
    Once Club(s):
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Petr Cech is a 30 year old Czech goalkeeper who plays for Chelsea and the Czech Republic. First clubs of Petr Cech where he honed his abilities, were Chmel Blsany, Sparta Prague, and Rennes. He was named into all constituent teams of Euro 2004 after he promoted his team to the semi-finals. Cech was also awarded the individual titles of Best Goalkeeper in the 2004–05, 2006–07 and 2007–08 campaigns of the UEFA Champions League. Besides he was included in the FIFPro and Champions League teams of the spell in 2006.
Cech is a first-rate goalkeeper who collected several goalkeeping records. He managed to achieve 100 clean sheets in very short time, just in 180 league appearances. Also he has a Czech record, he didn’t concede any goal in 903 minutes of matches he participated in. He holds Sparta Prague club record for running 928 minutes without any goal in the score he defended in 2001-02. In the 2004-05 spell Cech played 1025 minutes unbeaten, it was a Premier League record until it was broken by Edwin van der Sar from Manchester United in January 2009. Cech was handed the Golden Glove in the 2004-2005 and 2009-2010 campaigns. Today Petr is a Chelsea record holder as he has kept 134 clean sheets.
In October 2006 Petr Cech and Stephen Hunt, a midfielder from Reading, were both pursuing the ball inside Chelsea’s penalty part of the field. It happened so that Hunt accidentally hit Cech’s head with his right knee and the keeper lay requiring treatment. When he was hospitalized, he was operated for a depressed skull fracture. Before the surgery doctors weren’t aware of the gravity of the trauma, later they informed that it could cost the footballer his life. After the clash Cech suffered terrible headaches and couldn’t get down to training too early. He came back home after the recovery period in hospital on 24 October 2006 and in a week he set to light training. Chelsea confirmed, that Cech would be out of 3 months, necessary to recover from the skull fracture.
On 20 January 2007 Petr Cech came back to the starting eleven and performed against Liverpool. From then he wore a special rugby style headguard. The headguard was designed and made by Canterbury of New Zealand, the enterprise that produces protective rugby tools, Cech’s appliance has special polymer foam protection that defends the weakened parts of his skull as a result of the collision. Since that awful match Cech has had always to put on the scrum cup, because his skull bone structure is weaker. Despite Cech conceded 2 goals during his first match after the injury, he after ran 810 minutes of the premiership matches unbeaten. In April 2007 he was named the Premier League Player of the Month to recognize his eighth consecutive premiership clean sheets. As well he was the first goalkeeper who earned that award since Tim Flowers in 2000.
Cech has two sisters, older sister is Marketa, and Sarka is of the same age. He was born triplet, together with Sarka and brother Michal who died in the age of two because he was infected in hospital. In June 2003 Petr married Martina Dolejsova. They have two children daughter Adela (2008) and son Damian (2009).

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