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Gareth Barry

  • Name: Gareth Barry
    Country: England
    Weight: 78
    Height: 180
    Birthday: 1981-02-23
    Once Club(s):
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Gareth Barry is 31 year Manchester City footballer, who besides plays for the England national squad.

In 1997 our young footballer left Brighton & Hove Albion and joined Aston Villa. He presented 12 years of his career to that club, captained it some periods and is enlisted the ninth in appearance's club rating. Barry's native town is Hasting in Sussex, he studied at William Parker Sports College with a future cricketer Michael Yardy.

When Barry and his friend Michael Standing moved to Aston Villa, they cost it ?2.5 million. Gareth as a part of Aston Villa lost his first major competition which was the 2000 FA Cup Final.

In 2005 the footballer was involved in an incident where two Newcastle United footballers quarreled. In 2007 Aston Villa decided to award Gareth for his 10 years spent in club. To demonstrate his value in practice Barry scored 4 goals and beat Bolton Wanderers. Next year became record breaking for Barry. He appeared 400 times for Aston Villa, the longest-playing footballer of the club. At the age of 26 Gareth was the youngest footballer who fielded 300 times in the Premier League's matches.

In 2008 Liverpool wanted to buy Barry, but they were unable to pay Villa's ?18 million asking price. Barry performed for Aston Villa in the Europe League and won 4-1 with his team. On aggregate, Barry played 441 games for Aston Villa and made a contribution of 52 goals.

Gareth Barry contracted for Manchester City, his former club received ?12 million. A lot of Aston Villa's supporters condemned Barry's move to Manchester United and his desire to opt in the UEFA Champions League. Barry explained that he joined City as he was eager on a new challenge. The first game and the first 2-0 victory against Blackburn Rovers.

In the 2011-12 season Gareth Barry played 34 times for Manchester City side in the Premiere League, he was instrumental in club's gaining first title in 44 years.

In a period of 1998-2003 Barry represented England at 27 contests in under-21st. It was a recodr for that time, but now it has been broken. In 2000 Barry went to the UEFA European Championship, but he participated only in pre-championship matches. In seven years Barry performed against Israel and Russia as central midfielder so impressively that two football analysts Ian Wright and Alan Shearer recommended that he should have received man of the match. Man of the match was awarded to Barry after a Euro 2008 qualifier against Estonia.

Barry's 20th cap fell on an international match against Trinidad and Tobago in 2008, he scored a goal in that game. Because of his ankle injury he couldn't make 2010 World Cup's appearance. Unfortunately, groin injury intercepted Gareth from UEFA Euro 2012, although he was included in the list of the England national football team.

Being in love since childhood with Louise Barry married her in 2007, they gave birth to two children son Oscar and daughter Freya. Michael Standing, a former Aston Villa's footballer, is a friend and current agent of Gareth Barry. They have known each other since their 10 years.

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