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For several years match fixing has been a part and parcel of professional sports. This phenomenon which wasn't so popular even ten years ago, now seriously threatens contemporary sports. Before dope was the major enemy of sports and today it suffers from a dangerous virus called match fixing. IOC. FIFA,UEFA and other different sport organizations are constantly struggling with match fixing, but however to beat a competitor is a rare case. There are a lot of “weird” competitions in football, tennis and box, but it's only a top of an iceberg viewed, the main part is unfortunately hidden from us.
We should notice that fixing may assume different aspects and not always fixing matches are arranged according a scheme “bought – sold”. Modern sport extremely suffers from dozens of fixing types including exchanging home scores which is very popular in Russia, bribing some players (usually defensemen and goalkeepers) and playing the game to please a bookmaker that enables players to place bets on predetermined outcome in his office and to win on that bet. There are a lot of more unsportmanlike ways to coin in on “predicted” results. Fixing has integrated professional sports so closely that many functionaries disappointed with useless struggle gave it up and ignore it.
Any bettor dreams of a possibility to be ahead of any bookmaker and know details of all matches fixed. Of course, everyone has dreamt once about fail-safe bets when you just invest a big sum of money into bookmaking office and next day you're a great winner with huge amount, hasn't you?

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