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Virtually, every dreamer comes across a so called dream seller who can sell your dream for several dimes. Several years ago existed a scheme that lay in the following: a “fixing seller” came to a thematic forum and offered to buy matches - fixing for the next few days for a small amount. To prove his words an “adviser” presents one match for free, predicting its outcome. If he was right, his client base was increasing, if not – he moved to another forum and operated the same scheme. Dear subscribers, please keep in mind, that nobody would sell you such a match for several bucks, but they wouldn't do it even for $1000. First, those, who possess such data aren't eager to receive a flow of bets, because suspicions may arise and second, if you have an opportunity to earn so much, what for you should share it with somebody. The following messages are the most ridiculous: “Hi, my occupation is match fixing for many years, please go to my site and see statistics”. This man with means didn't manage to make a good site and placed it on a free hosting. And with such a site he came to forums, sent spam about his miracle offer of $100. But you should trust, that he's an old hand and knows daily match-fixing. It's funny, don't you think?
Nobody will fix matches to sell them after. If you get an offer like this, you deal with a fraud, who will vanish after you transfer him your funds. Look out and don't let swindlers make a fool of yourself, rely only on your experience and skills, only they will bring you profit. Good luck!

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