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If you don't see any casino around, but you are very willing to gamble, open your browser and choose something among dozens of online casinos that inhabit Internet space. Many of you have discovered all the best sides of such enterprises, but there are those for whom such casinos are like terra incognita. We will view online casino features and how reliable casinos can be.
First we should notice, that any online casino isn't a site made anyhow by shady developers. Sometimes you can come across products like this, but more ofter “simple gambling room” isn't so simple as you imagine and has sophisticated structure. The difference is that all the commands are carried out by a computer. The face of any internet casino is their homepage. Here you can read casino details, foundation history, winners line for the last week. On this page a company posted a variety of their games and promotions. Remember, the more promotions, the better casino it is.
After you read the homepage you may start playing. It can be realized in two ways:

1. Instant Play – light version that enables you to play in a browser.
2. Скачиваемое ПО – some establishments operate on a software that you have to download and set up. The advantage is that you no longer depend on the speed of your browser.
Whatever you choose, don't forget that Internet connection is obligatory while playing, and the safer it is, the more you win. Well, we go ahead. For play you need to buy chips. In real casino a pretty girl sells chips to you, and in online casino you have your personal account. You may use different methods to fund it: e-wallets, transfers, debit/credit cards. The latter is most popular nowadays. It's up to you to decide. One moment: all the transactions are processed not by a casino, but an off-site company.

Trust or not?
So we've come up to the point of our article – loyalty and integrity of a casino. You should know, that software development is labor-intensive and long-term process. Naturally serious grand companies are engaged in the process of developing SW for respectable gambling houses. Some of these companies are Microgaming, Playtech, Bossmedia, Cryptologic, sometimes they are called “The major 4”.
They have enough time to acquire reputation of developers that know their business. You shouldn't doubt repute of a casino that uses SW of one of “The major 4”. But they're not the only ones who gained success in gambling, such famous companies as Real Time Gaming, OddsOn and Cassava are guarantees of a good quality.
Software producers can be responsible only for their product, but not for genuineness of a casino. To provide it a lot of auditing organizations were created. Their aim is to regulate work of gambling establishments. Among them there are PriceWaterhouseCoopers, eCOGRA, Interactive Gaming Council (IGC). The name of an auditing company is placed on the home page. Besides, in the net exist communities like watchdog site that regularly revise casino's activity.
All newcomers are afraid of being deceived by a casino, because they don't see a dealer deals cards and set a spin in roulette. Actually, to control all schemes in casino is almost impossible. You'll easier swallow the bait in an offline casino than in an online one. Internet casino system is based on a principle of a random number generator placed on the server of a casino. Man has no possibility to intrude in the generator's work.
In the end we'd like to compare contemporary online casinos with grocery stores. Only some individuals will go to unknown shop with huge discounts. Don't be tempted by casino promotions of $777 or 500% on your deposit. It's fraudulence. You should pass over online gambling houses that don't have detailed homepage with necessary information about them and sound support service. Frequently, the best guarantee of reliability and fairness is your vigilance. Good luck!

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