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You are here: Home / About Betfair / On the occasion of Euro 2008 Betfair composes QR-code

To congratulate the Republic of Ireland national team on future Euro 2012 appearance the biggest world betting exchange Betfair made the first and the largest football based QR code.
Betfair placed this code within 500 m distance of Aviva Stadium to help Betfair's customers place bets via Betfair Mobile App. Using this application bettor can wager on return qualifying play off fixed on Tuesday.
Eight employees spent 5 hours and a lot of efforts to position footballs in a form of QR-code.
To test the enormous code Betfair asked two experienced paratroopers to scan it. They lifted on a height of 3000 m and at a free falling of 210 km an hour they scanned the QR-code and placed a bet via Betfair Mobile. Parachutists from Ireland and Estonia successfully shot the code and landed.
Betfair's representative Barry Orre says that it's an amazing thing how two parachute jumpers managed to scan it at such a speed of a free fall. An Irish parachutist landed first and he won 500 euros for a free bet on today match.
Betfair has set a wonderful Euro 2012 application for IPhone. Now owners of IPhones can gain access to tournament betting markets, integrated data and unique offers. This application has Euro 2012 focused navigation and transactional functionality of Betfair.

It enables you to access to a specially developed Euro 2012 match list and market views placed next to them.
Editorial content and statistics are mobile-optimised for the first time in the application. Euro 2012 Betfair newsfeed is accessible with one right swipe. Navigation is user-friendly as you can move to markets with the help of one click from within the articles.
To keep users up-to-date during fixtures developers added group tables and charts.
Betfair wants their clients to have a possibility to place bets throughout the tournament from anywhere and it has developed Euro 2012 application to let supporters back and lay their favorites and rivals without diverting their attention from the game. No matter they're sitting at a stadium or in front of the TV in a sports bar.
Euro 2012 is mobile Euro, so Betfair has developed it so that clients could wager multiples, lock in winnings and minimise losses only with one click. This application is called award-winning and very innovative.
To sum it up, all features of a new Euro 2012 Betfair application:
- back and lay, cash-out, market depth and graphs
- multiple bets
- My bets menu shows only Euro 2012 bets
- special links to hot Euro 2012 markets
- pre-tournament countdown clock
- translated into English, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Swedish & Danish

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