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The Russian sports bookmaker Marathon became some kind of enlightener for domestic playing audience as in that time a lot of people had no idea about professional sports betting online. Maybe these factors helped this company (it was launched in 1997) win over the respect of Russian betters, but they managed to maintain a stronghold until 2009 when because of the legislative reforms all the gambling operators had to be relicensed what seriously influenced on the sports bookmaker’s work. Many competitors easily coped with that task, but not Marathon that suffered from Russian bureaucracy.     

People rumoured a lot about company’s hassles but in September 2009 Marathon’s fans again could devote their time and funds to this sports bookmaker but only through Internet. Oficially they were granted a license only on March 14th 2010. Due to this suspense Marathon lost a lot of their customers and now do their utmost to get them back. Marathon is licensed by the Government of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Curaçao. If to talk about drawbacks of the company, users complain of made up odds understatement.


After their forced longtime leisure and triumphal return in 2010 Marathon considerably improved their line to conquer again stable leader positions. In the first place you can notice high odds, low commission 2,5 - 4,5%, that neither domestic sports bookmaker nor major foreign gambling providers can offer.
The tentative line appears usually at 10 A.M. (Moscow time) and the final one is set up at about 1 P.M.
Some events may be added a little bit later. Live section consists of many sporting events but they are not selected. Table tennis and volleyball betters will find themselves in some kind of paradise as these sports are the strong suit of the company. From time to time some matches, especially basketball ones are only available in live line during the big break. But on the other hand fans of football, basketball and volleyball championships of CIS should take a look at their line and place bets on events they offer.  

Football fans will be delighted with the number of totals in a pre-match line of all less or more important contests. You have a wide variety of betting opportunities across CIS championship selection of different sports. They are absolute leaders in them, you can wager on the competitions of alternates of Ukrainian basketball league, second football league of Ukraine and Israel and also on all the Russian football leagues right up to amateur ones. Domestic volleyball, bandy, futsal and other contests are sports in which betters have many possibilities to win in Marathon. Live line is not so perfect as others because of many suspenses that spoil a good play. And add constant odd understatement after your bets were successfully matched. This sports bookmaker has to work much in this direction if they want to reach foreign top bookmakers level.

Ways of deposit and withdrawal

Currencies of an account are Russian roubles, dollars, Belorussian roubles, grivnas, the tenge, Kyrgyz and Uzbek soms. This sports bookmaker works with the following payment systems: bank transfer, WebMoney, Monybookers, MoneyMail and ComePay. You can deposit funds instantly via WebMoney and the fee of this system will be returned by the sports bookmaker. It is preferable that you should use WebMoney when withdrawing your winnings as you can do it three times a day. It is the offers of Marathon through which this company can attract customers and it makes them different from many domestic online betting companies.

Customer Service

The major part of the audience with whom Marathon work are citizens of CIS. Marathon care about the quality of their customer support. You can contact them via e-mail (answers come back in 10 minutes), website chat, telephone, fax. Telephone: +44 1273 852 359. E-mail: support@marathonbet.com. Fax: +44 1273 507 360

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