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A defining dictionary says, that gambling is game of luck where luck prevails over gambler's skills. The first reference to gambling relates to 3500 D.C. When archaeologists worked in Egypt, they found figulines and stone pictures, in which they could distinguish dice, so popular among gamblers of 19th century. To say the truth, a game of dice and others that nowadays are considered gambling, those days were a kind of magic and after several centuries became national entertainment. Now we know, that mankind and games of chance lived side by side for about 6 000 years. Playing for money people lost and acquired castles and estates, won and lost hundreds of slaves, ruined their lives and lives of their relatives, earned and and wasted fortunes. Games of chance (roulette, Black Jack and others) have always praised to the skies and in a flash pushed to the ground. So why is it still so popular? Let's use a standard method, we just find pros and cons and then we make a decision, if we should play for money or not.

Advantages of gambling:

  • Money     for jam. Nothing can attract a man more than thirst for easy money. It so happened that gamblers can make a legal profit without making effort. But usually players lose than win this profit.    
  • Adrenalin. When you play for money, you feel thrilled, get adrenalin and in a case of winning you receive endorphin (a hormone of happiness). You feel as if you went to the world of fantasy where everything is possible. There you can momentary become rich and making investments     you don't have to wait for much time. It's the reason of gambling popularity, and it conquered new spheres where flow of life is passive and lack of emotions is present.
  • Atmosphere. Casino gains new fans because it is able to lead you to a special mood. Freedom is on the air, the smell of adrenalin and money is felt. Coins are jingling, cards are rustling, you're welcome to a new world.



  • Dependence. Playing for money in gambling can simply make you an addict. Not all of players suffer from this disaster, those with stable psyche don't     suffer, but even they sometimes lose control. If you feel you can be addicted, give up with casino or even don't start. Find some safe     issue and play for virtual money in online casino    
  • Loss. As we have said above, your success depends on fortune. That means, you can't secure against losses. You just need to lose a huge amount to discourage you from gambling. And vast losses may not only devastate your account, but also your family budget.


Gambling is cheerful pastime for both men and women (but not under 18). While gambling you forget about troubles, you're given a decent portion of adrenaline, meet new people and if fortune smiles on you, you'll make some easy money. And what about loss? Yes, it also takes place in gambling, but to save your mood, you should keep at hand an amount of money that you can easily waste and no more. Just don't take more money with you, it's a secret.
Don't break this rule, or you will be stressed during a game and it will only disturb you. On determining the sum of your play bank, at best you win some money, at worst you lose a little that you are ready to give, and your mood won't be spoilt by this misfortune.

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