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So you've made up a decision to play in a sports bookmaking company. First of all think of your purpose either you want to bet for rejoy or for a stable profit. But don't fall into delight, bookies are beaten by only 2 percent of players worldwide and they poked their stingers into betting. Sometimes their experience numbers dozens of years. It's a laborious task like an engineer on the factory has, it means you have to think a lot before make a decision. But for now it's a long term aim, so let's talk about commonly spread mistakes of fresh bettors.
One of the most important feature of any loss lies in psychology. After one loses he wants to win back quickly. In such cases you're not under control and you're impelled by emotions what inevitably leads to a loss. In betting you can only count on your mind and not emotions. So nervous people should keep away from wagering. If you're psychologically stable, keep in mind this abstract and don't forget in hassles, thus you can have one of the advantages.
Mistake #2 is trivial unconsciousness of bookmaking rules. For instance, you bet on a hockey match Russia-Canada. You're supposed to back Russia, Russia won due to successful penalty shots, but your stake was calculated as a losing one. Later you cleared out, that this bookmaking office accepts only bets on match time and you lost because you didn't know that. A lot of similar examples can be enumerated. Make a conclusion and read carefully rules of the bookmaker before a game.
One more common mistake is abuse of live betting. Live-betting is very dynamic and situation can change in a flash. A number of gamblers stick to a viewpoint that to win on in-running bets is easier, it's nothing but a self-deception, because any bookmaker knows what he offers and on what price, he rarely mistakens. Advice for new hands – become old hands at pre-match betting and then come to live wagering.
The next rude error is lack of information on a particular bet. Before you choose, you need to calculate chances to win of each team and construct a game scheme in your head. Then collect anything you can find about players' injuries, judge commission, place and so on. For example, you don't know that three leading forwards of Barcelona will miss this match (on any reasons), and in the line you see overstated odds and you bet. But then you realize, that it was you mistake while betting and a bookmaker set high odds taking into account data you don't possess. That's why you should examine all the details of a forthcoming event not to be trapped.
Very often bets on "my favorite team" can be resulted in a loss. If you decide to make a name in betting, you should forget about preferences in teams, players and so on.
You should rationally calculate chances of “your” team to win or not to do it at all. Because when your sports idol plays, you can't make a right choice, because you want to support your team. If you take it into consideration, your money will be safe.
Don't make initial mistakes and catch fortune smiles!

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