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The history of casinos starts a lot of thousands years ago. For certain small gambling establishment existed almost in every ancient civilizations. And this fact doesn't surprise, human nature has been always the same, people seek for adrenaline and money for old rope, and ancient people as well. But how deep does this desire of easy profit lies in ourself? First public casinos with licenses appeared were opened in Germany, Italy and France. The oldest one appeared in 1765 in...
Firstly, Internet casino works throughout 24 hours and is located in Internet, that is you don't have to go out. You're sitting in a cozy room on a comfortable chair and don't care if it's raining or snowing outside. If you don't have to leave your home, you don't have to trouble about your dress. Everybody knows that grand casinos have severe requirements about dresscode and facecontrol. Even if you're losing money in casino, you're a guest and when you're on visit, you should...
Betfair is the first betting exchange which contributes to the client winnings. So that creating all the conditions and prerequisites for customer success Betfair doesn't restrict him in his decisions and convictions. If Chelsea is your favorite team you can back them to win. Besides your doubts always can take place on Betfair. It means if you're not sure you can choose or offer small odds at which you're ready to bet. The minimum sum of money for doubting clients is alluring too...
CIS fans of online betting have a dim idea about Betdaq, though Betdaq takes second place in a world competing in popularity with famous Betfair. This online operator was set up in 2000 and was another project of a big businessman Dermot Desmond from Ireland. Desmond invested money in all perspective areas like industry, technologies, transport and so on. He's an owner of the top-resort Sandy Lane on Barbados and the main shareholder of the football club “Celtic”....
Fraudulent activities exist as long as a mankind. With state-of-the-art technology development fraudulence penetrated in the online world. Surely all the Internet users during their internet traveling at least one time faced some form of rascality. Fortunately, the majority of users can resist temptation and refused “one million offer”, but there are always those who are conscious of the risk but still accept an offer, indulging their cupidity and then pay for the...
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