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Fraudulent activities exist as long as a mankind. With state-of-the-art technology development fraudulence penetrated in the online world. Surely all the Internet users during their internet traveling at least one time faced some form of rascality. Fortunately, the majority of users can resist temptation and refused “one million offer”, but there are always those who are conscious of the risk but still accept an offer, indulging their cupidity and then pay for the mistake.
Virtual swindling is safe and it extremely attracts a number of con men. Twenty minutes in the internet looking through pages is enough to find different fraudster advertise top notch offers which help you to boost your investments, to pay a few dollars and get rid of health problems and win girls' heart with one bottle of perfume.
Everybody knows, a place with vast amounts of money gather more swindlers. Sports betting is some kind of a paradise for them, as they can always find simpletons who want to increase an initial capital immediately. Most of all con men prefer to work with this type of bettors.
Some bookies became the most famous in gambling industry because they bilked hundreds of fair bettors. Bookmakers invented a range of cheating methods, like returning of winnings with 1.0 odd (pretexts may be different) or closing an enterprise and future opening with another name.
But not only bookies try to make unfair money on gamblers. Match-fixing salesmen engage in similar fraudulent activities when they offer to buy their 100% accurate stake with a big odd. Payment for this service can range from 10 to 10 000 dollars. In many cases it's a simple hanky-panky and when you make this bet, you may lose not only your money, but that distributor as well.
Let's look at the common fraudulent scheme. At a popular forum dedicated to betting appears a newcomer and says he's well-informed about inner business of football clubs and he's ready to provide visitors (willing to pay) with information about match-fixing. Then he adds, he's new on this forum and nobody will believe him, so to make forum residents trust him he gives an example of a match for free. This sporting event has a large odd and it's easy to understand what happens next. If his prophecy is right, bettors are standing in the queue to present him their money, if it is wrong, he dislocates to another forum to manage a ropery.
You should understand, that only several people may be informed about match fixing and they prefer to get receipts only on their account. Remember that nobody will sell the goose that laid the golden egg.
Nowadays in the Internet has appeared another skin game. The matter is forecast service offered everywhere in the global net. The services also offer you incredible profit on match fixing and to vanish your doubts, they will give you an example of your capital growth in figures, taking into account % of accurate forecasts.
In this case, imagine yourself on the place of this lucky man, who knows outcomes of matches and in this way he can double, treble or even increase their capital tenfold, will you tell somebody this precious information? Of course, no! It's a high risk to skip such a chance. And if somebody tells you precious and secret! data for several hundreds bucks, this information must be not so important as it may seem.
To sum it up, we'd like to add, that if you consider yourself a serious bettor, make your decision by reflecting upon conditions, as nobody would like to load you with money for you're so nice. To be a winner in betting needs huge experience and skills to analyze pre-match situations. So start studying, develop yourself, make mistakes and study again, and never stop! Profitable game for you!

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