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The hugest betting exchange Betfair let the world know that its customer base exceeded 3 million. Betfair holds a leading position in gambling industry, offering the best odds and conditions for betting. Betfair is a unique project with policy different from any bookie.  Betfair is the basic solution for bettors, bookies are a fallback position and they will never be able to beat Betfair.
Not long ago company celebrated its tenth anniversary. Ten years are a long term for a start-up. Imagine that you're used to going to a small cafe. One day you realize, you have visited it for ten years. Is it many?? Yes, it is. In Internet space you feel time in a different way, and ten years here seem longer.  
Betfair develops various partnership programs. Partners know that Betfair is very famous around, and attracting new clients they make easy money. The quantity of Betfair's partners is growing together with a number of bettors and half a year brings over 500 thousand players to Betfair. A coefficient of expansion is impressive.
For last 5 years Betfair's profit of 107 million pounds rose up to 303 million. Betfair managed to double their turnover, the results obtained testify to increasing trust of users and to their boosting accounts. Material wellbeing of customers climbs and so does Betfair's one.
Betfair's platform is able to process 6 million stakes a day. Last year Betfair processed more than 500 million bets.
“We're proud of the fact, that 3 million users give preference to Betfair. And these people are our constant customers. The achievement concurs with our anniversary and seems a kind of symbolic for us. We came to the market as  innovators and with time we've become global.” - commented Chief Executive Officer of Betfair.
The world championship is coming up and a record-breaking quantity of stakes are expected. Betfair is forecast to beat 4 million record of registered users.
Betfair is a developing project. The betting exchange acquires new features anticipating customer's needs. They welcome new ideas to implement them in interface and improve usability. So if you have something to propose, do it and benefit from.

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