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What would you do if you have to popularize a product? Right, you'll pay a plenty of money for advertise makers in order they don't limit a stretch of imagination and create something extraordinary and worthwhile.
Did you mention, that such famous brands like Coca-cola, Mercedes Benz, Red Bull, McDonalds, Duracell and others still invest millions of dollars into advertisement? Because advertisement is an engine of trading, big companies wish to eclipse competitor's fame by making more exciting and genius commercials.
After a commercial is made, it must achieve as more places, channels and sources as possible. Radio, television, social nets, Internet.. Everything suits, if only loads of users could watch it.
Betfair was the one that broke their head over a catchy and long-lasting advertisement and came to a very high-flying decision. And it's hard to say whether “high-flying” is a literal or figurative speech pattern.
Not far from an airport of Vienna Betfair bought a huge territory (1 380 km x 316 m, 436 000 square meters) and planted wheat, marigold, rape, chamomile, mustard, clover, poppyseed and herbs. It's quite a curious thing, what for does the biggest GAMBLING community start planting seeds??
But when the seeds grew, everyone could read a giant inscription: “No 1 for football. Тв still growing”.

It was a brilliant idea. To “grow” and advertisement, that will be viewed by all arriving and departing air travelers. Of course, they will google and know about Betfair if still didn't know.
Media will advertise you for free when you enter the list of Guinness record holders. Betfair's natural banner beat advertising record of United Arab Emirates. The sizes are impressing, the field is 8-9 times as much than the stadium Ernst Happel in Vienna where Euro 2008 took place.
Efficient policy and reputation of Betfair do their job. It's the leading and the most well-known betting operator in the world.

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