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The players of Bromley decided to be original at the FA Cup and will appear with QR-codes cut off on their heads at the first match.
The matter is that a world-known betting exchange Betfair signed unusual contract with the club and now sponsors realize their advertisement ideas. This weekend Bromley players with QR-code hairstyles will play against Leyton Orient. These bar codes cost their creators  plenty of time, they will be scanned by smartphones or other mobile devices and sent to Betfair. And customers will have an opportunity to bet on this match. Soon other sporting bets may attract the exchange's attention. Whether a mobile gadget recognizes bar codes cut off or not depends on a slick hand of a master.
Bromley's footballers have their hair cut by Daniel Johnson who has some experience in doing celebrities' hair. It was him who cut hair of Wayne Rooney, Ashley Young and other celebrities. He is entrusted with an important mission to cut two-dimensional codes on the backs of the head of Bromley players in order fans can recognize it and watch on TV.
Although Johnson is used to setting footballers' hair, QR hairstyle is his first experience. But celebrity barber doesn't lack confidence.
Bromley's manager Marc Goldberg was delighted by the Betfair's proposition and accepted it. Despite the match is very important for players, without reservation they gave their consent. Actually, first their reaction was shock, but when a manager explained and confirmed high importance of the promotion for the club, they agreed.
Betfair's member Alex Bake considers, that every single fan supports outsiders. Bromley wants supporting and Betfair's promotion will be noticed by fans and sports figures. The exchange itself expects at least several backs of the heads will be shot by cameras.
Not every day you watch a match which QR-code headed footballers opt in. You take your camera out of the pocket and shot players. Aren't you curious who set this code and what for? To satisfy your curiosity you focus a phone on a footballer's back and get a link on Betfair. You long for Bromley's win, so you log-in Betfair and back it. Or you decide to lay Leyton. No matter what you choose, you're a real fan and get involved with the victory of your favorite team.
Betfair has already become famous for their extra ordinary promotions.  In August Betfair signed a contract with two beach volleyball title holders of Great Britain - Sean Malinn, Zara Dampney.  Fans could take their photos and girls turned to cameras not only their faces.

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