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Betfair as the biggest excellent betting exchange decided to expand its sphere of influence and opened its own poker room which is powered through by Ongame Poker network. This network is considered to be one of the best software provider and companies benefited from their merging. Betfair does a good turn to Ongame attracting new clients and Ongame provides well-usable and multi-function platform where poker players can practice and win. Betfair's software couldn't meet all the customer needs while Ongame's software is functional and full of multi-tabling possibilities.
Customers feel easy while reading table statistics and using note-taking support. The less people are confused about interface features the more time they can dedicate to a play especially if it concerns a play at 15 tables at once. The re-design and re-size functions are very helpful at such moments. Betfair didn't miss these things and added them to the site.
Generous promotions sound good but much better when you receive them from Betfair . Like for example, the sign-up bonus of $700 or participation in monthly multi-table tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of over $2 million. It's worthy of casting a rod in this pond. You also have a chance to pass qualification to a few vast events like WSOP. Winners may count on a vacant place in Betfair team and stable work in this big company. It's worthy twice!
Betfair poker room is declared to be in the top five most visited poker room. The traffic is consistent and in the flow of players you'll find decent competitors and money-bringers. At peak hours more than 5000 players occupy tables ranging from small to mid stakes and there are also several high-stakes players to play with. Sit-and-go games are very popular among multi-level public, and due to the broad promotions scheme a major part of traffic participates in multi-table tournaments.
For your choice to win over in either Texas Hold'em or Pot-Limit Omaha orSeven-Card Stud or several of the Hi-Lo versions. Betfair's policy permits clients with a different profit level to make stakes at micro limits at at 5c/10c and macro-limits at $1000/$2000. Make a notice that you're not obliged to play at the conditions unacceptable for you.
The tournaments at Betfair Poker will be to a taste and wallet of any player both fresh or sophisticated. Buy-ins vary from $5.50 to high-stakes at $550 a seat. Free-rolls are accessible as well. And of course satellites to big online and offline tourneys like WSOP. Don't skip sit and go-s!
Though Betfair can't boast of a big variety of games but a wonderful selection within its frames compensates it. Besides you can gain money on different loose games.
Betfair isn't eager on demonstrating its irreplaceability, it reached golden mean and share it with their customers.

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