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You can hardly find a bettor who has never heard about Betfair.. Likewise those who start their betting career begin it on Betfair. It is a big betting community that possesses leading positions among online gambling operators. Two Englishmen Andrew Black and Ed Wray revolutionized betting industry by proposing a new concept of betting at odds set up by customers. Thus Betfair played a role of a go-between. The Betfair betting exchange takes money from both sides and gives back it to the winner after an outcome of a match is cleared out.
Before the betting exchange was founded, gambling providers played against bettors and made players take the odds online operators could benefit from. If cappers won too much they could refuse to pay cash. The state of things wasn't supposed to be improved until Betfair pioneered a new way of betting. Betfair managed to prove that stability and integrity are possible in gambling business. No surprise that so many bettors prefer wagering on Betfair. More than 4 million of registered make bets and bring over £50 million of turnover every week. The company is grateful for respect and trust of the customers so that it's working hard not to disappoint their hopes and expectations.
One of the innovations of Betfair as an online betting exchange lies in two types of bets. Not only a client chooses odds at which he's ready to place a bet, but he can back bets (to wager on a selection to win) and lay bets (to bet against a selection). Thus Betfair performs its duties and find two bettors, one of them is confident in the victory of a team and backs them to win and another thinks they will lose and he lays them to win. One of the gamblers who is a better prophet gains money and gives 5 % to Betfair. As you can see Betfair isn't a commercial interested side as the company isn't interested in the rightness of one of the bettors, it's just an agent who keeps money till the end of the game and gives it to a winner after the game. And by the way all the payments are arranged in several seconds so that gamblers can continue and increase the amount of their bets. If a client wagers on the site too much, his commission can be reduced to as low as two percent. This global difference between a traditional bookmaker and the betting exchange gives rise to new ways of earning on gambling. Betting community is able to develop different betting systems that consist in the following.
A bettor first back a team to win, he waits until his bet is successfully matched (another gambler has taken it) and then selects odds at which he can lay this team to win. In this way a guarantee to earn is equal to 100%. No more he's forced to seek for sports arbitraging in bookmaker companies with a fear to be caught. On Betfair it's legal and profitable, so punters benefit from it.
As far as you can understand Betfair offers you a platform on which you have chances to win by betting on sports. And if you win it will take only 5 percent for giving you that chance. In the case of bookmakers you're playing against a smart competitor on his territory and you accept his conditions. Betfair encourages his customers and successful traders who have high profits and in no way will it deprive them of their winnings like bookmakers can do. Betfair is like a reliable and trustworthy partner that can support and increase your outcome in case of cooperation. And the first step to advantageous partnership is registration on Betfair site. You can try your hand and make your first betting mistakes for free. Because Betfair is ready to pay for your mistakes 20 euro. You need to put promo code CBL220 in a special line while registering and then you’ll get bonus of 20 euro on your account. Even mistakes can be profitable with Betfair!

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