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Betfair has always formed an association with a betting exchange and community. And not an ordinary one but revolutionary and amazing. The fact that the Betfair team always finds a way to be unique inspires and makes you play here. Thus you're interested in what's next, what they will create new for me. Betfair focuses on customer's needs so that users can content with Betfair service and choose it every single time. It has to do with all the Betfair products and no surprise that Betfair casino became the most well-established online casinos in the industry. It standouts among different gambling products and casinos. Unlike others, Betfair casino works so that clients could benefit from it and not casino from them. It's the basic working principle of all the Betfair services. Betfair casino isn't an exception. It's the first casino which doesn't have any house hedge. It means casino Betfair doesn't want you to be deceived. It offers you to have equal chances to win for both sides – for a player and a casino. Owing to the Zero Lounge players can earn on Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Better Video Poker and count on a payout of 100%. It may sound unreal but Betfair lost money in 28 of the 130 countries where it has clients. For instance, in Greece it was deprived of
£29,700 at Zero Lounge Roulette – a real payback of 100.02%. You can think it's temporal, but the Zero Lounge is still the main part of Betfair casino offering.
Besides this unique Zero Lounge Betfair possesses a traditional casino. More than 50 games to play at are at your disposal like usual table and card games, slots (single, multiline and video) and entertaining Arcade games.
The company prefers to have less games but serve them with quality and usability. All of them are powered by Playtech. The software works quickly and without failures. It's easy to navigate between button and sections.
As we have mentioned above Betfair is very famous for its betting exchange and the company managed to reflect its features in casino gambling. We can bet, Exchange games are something innovative for you. These games combine casino principles and sports exchange bases. In Exchange games you can back or lay games outcome (Blackjack, Baccarat or something else)using Betfair's exchange. It's like you're an observer of a poker game? You know cards and you bet on a poker winner. Amazing and unprecedented! It's a huge plus that we add to Betfair's list of advantages.
Everybody likes presents and rewards, so Betfair presents 100% bonus to all newcomers. A player signs up an account, deposits up to £100 and instantly this sum is doubled to £200! You give £100 and play with £200. It seems to be good math on your account. But Betfair doesn't want to get only new players in, this company prefers encouraging their players more than one time. When you send money to your account again you get 50% bonus. Betfair works magic when your second deposit is £100 and instantly you bet £150 on games owing to Betfair. Magic won't stop if third time you dispose with £150 from £100 deposit. Each and every week Betfair rewards excellent and continuous players with a weekly reload bonus of about £500. It's a kind of motivation for gamblers and positive feature for Betfair!
You've signed up only one account or UK Licensed Wallet and make bets on casino, sports, poker and exchange games. What can be simpler? 14 methods to send cash to your account allow you to wager infinitely. 9 of these methods are free of charge. Conditions to play are more than appropriate.
To say that Betfair play is comfortable is too little when Betfair casino means progress, efficient management, integrity and fairness. Don't you think, that it's all you need to play profitably?

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