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CIS fans of online betting have a dim idea about Betdaq, though Betdaq takes second place in a world competing in popularity with famous Betfair. This online operator was set up in 2000 and was another project of a big businessman Dermot Desmond from Ireland.
Desmond invested money in all perspective areas like industry, technologies, transport and so on. He's an owner of the top-resort Sandy Lane on Barbados and the main shareholder of the football club “Celtic”.
In order nobody could query financial stability, Desmond put 10 million dollars in US Allied Irish Banks. You should know, that after registration Betdaq will ask you to pass through KYC process.

Betdaq line

Betdaq is a little bit different from standard lines of bookies, because it has markets like on Betfair. If to compare Betfair and Betdaq, the only difference lies in a color of Back and Lay boxes and a range of sporting events and bet forms. Betfair has an undeniable advantage over Betdaq in these two features. Nevertheless, you shouldn't ignore Betdaq at all. Betdaq offers rather big list of events. Markets are less liquid than on Betfair, but exchange rates are higher than anywhere at bookmaking companies. But a problem of major leagues and sports with small odds and limits offered is still not settled.
You can't place bets on a sum as big as on Betfair, because Betdaq is little known in diverse sections of gambling society, and as a result you won't be able to earn as much as on Betfair's markets. Betdaq covers a lot of traditional English horse and greyhound races. Betdaq lives off 5% commission like Betfair. But wagering a lot you can cut charge to 2%. Nice offer of accumulating events from different markets is available for Betdaq's customers.

Support service
Support service of Betdaq operates on a standard working scheme for all bookies – 24/7. This site can be called multilingual, only 4 languages are available. But in general, service is good. They give immediate answers, and the quality is also fine. Just call +35316733360 or write a message on helpdesk@betdaq.co.uk. Site mail is included.

Payment methods
The betting exchange Betdaq offers all the popular systems from USA and Western Europe. The list of payment methods is really unsurpassed. Funds come immediately. The charge is 1,5%. If you want to get a payout, it must be of a minimum $750.

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