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Russian sports bookmaker Betcity occupies a middle niche among Russian gambling founders  as this company even didn’t exist when the basis of sports betting online was erected, but surely they are not freshers. They were established in 2003 in Rostov-on-Don where nowadays their main office is situated. In 2009 they were licensed last time. Betcity not only bring about online betting but they also have 70 sports pools in some cities of Russia, Belarus and Macedonia. In these cities people can deposit and withdraw cash from their accounts.

To make your play comfortable Betcity work with a great number of payment systems, except Moneybookers. The design of the sports betting website is simple and without fancifulness, the interface is usable and functional, all the necessary information is placed right before your eyes. The sports betting website operates in 20 languages. Their customer service is available 24/7.


The line of Betcity is perfect as well as in the many online betting companies of Russia. Here you can find the most important competitions of former USSR up to second and third leagues. Fans of football, basketball and volleyball championships of CIS should take a look at their line and place bets on events they offer.  

The line appears at 12 P. M. sharp (Moscow time) and there you can find even the earliest sporting events. Multiplicity of offers is the main characteristic of Betcity.  They try to add all the sports to their line including Australian football and hockey on the grass. The section “Culture” is for those who prefer to wager on unsporting and political events. Betcity is a mine of biathlon bets, they have the first place in calculations and quality of these bets, so they can become an example not only for domestic sports bookmakers but also for foreign ones. You can estimate their biathlon offers, e.g. bets on “winner”,”who will get higher positions in the rating”, “individual number of misses of each sportsman” or “which of contestants will make more misses”. And this line appears without delays. Their football line deserves some good comments , they offer 7-8 handicaps and the same number of totals. The average commission is 8 %, sometimes it falls till 5,5-6%. In general their odds can’t be called very high. Now several words about their disadvantages. They offer low bet limits, regularly cut maximum possible bets and the line is overloaded very quickly.    

We don’t recommend to bet here for those betters who are used to placing more than 100 dollars as they can exceed possible limits. Due to the comfortable conditions for live online betting, players can easily take their profit in several minutes after the event has ended and calculations are made.

Ways of deposit and withdrawal

You may use any of these payment systems: WebMoney, Eco card, W1, MoneyMail, LiqPay, ROBOXchange. Or you can pay in and out in one of the sports pools. Unfortunately they don’t work with cards VISA and MasterCard, that is not acceptable for many betters. Deposit via WebMoney is realized in a moment and you can withdraw funds in 3 days after cash in.  

Customer Service

Consultations may be given in 5 languages. You’ll be satisfied with a quality of answers of good informational content which you can get via ICQ:99965333. For common questions: info@betcity.ru. Technical support: support@betcity.ru.

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