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Firstly, Internet casino works throughout 24 hours and is located in Internet, that is you don't have to go out. You're sitting in a cozy room on a comfortable chair and don't care if it's raining or snowing outside. If you don't have to leave your home, you don't have to trouble about your dress. Everybody knows that grand casinos have severe requirements about dresscode and facecontrol.
Even if you're losing money in casino, you're a guest and when you're on visit, you should be well-dressed. It doesn't matter for Internet casino that you're sitting in a T-shirt and underpants, you've come and you have money.
When you to an online casino all your money is in safe, because you keep them on a card, when you play and win in offline casino, you carry it on yourself and take a risk to be mugged. Further, not many players like when crowd stands next to them, staring at their play, smoking, drinking and sweating. In real casinos there are VIP-rooms for those who look for solitude, but does casino consider you VIP? No alcohol and tobacco smell in internet casinos.
Some superstitious people hate when someone spies upon their cards, even if a player plays against casino. If we talk about casino rooms, usually service staff brings gamblers glasses with free liquor. This has a certain aim – to relax players' attention. Every half an hour they fetch you alcohol and after 4-5 cocktails you'll be pennied out. Drunk people aren't afraid of losses until next day. If you're sitting in front of your computer, you have no reasons to worry, only if you don't have a bottle in store.
Casinos are said to cut chances of players on winning. It's a half-true. Internet casinos allow you to win in more cases. Different promotions has an influence on that. Promotions are evidently of much good for players. Newcomers make deposit and get a small turn-back of it, you're an active constant player and you get a freebie. It's nice. You have more chances to earn with $200 instead of $100, but casino doesn't give guarantees, it provides you only chances, the rest depends on you.
Let's back to cash in hand. A lot of players keep little money on e-wallets, it's a kind of secure against gambling disease called “gambler can always win back”. Internet gambling allows you to make small stakes and doesn't demand you to dispose pretty penny. When you have no opportunity to spend lots of funds, because you don't have many on your wallet, it's an advantage, for family budget, for example.
If you're fond of something, including online casino, you can easily find out many pluses in it.

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