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The history of casinos starts a lot of thousands years ago. For certain small gambling establishment existed almost in every ancient civilizations. And this fact doesn't surprise, human nature has been always the same, people seek for adrenaline and money for old rope, and ancient people as well. But how deep does this desire of easy profit lies in ourself?
First public casinos with licenses appeared were opened in Germany, Italy and France. The oldest one appeared in 1765 in Paris. Since that gambling industry has been abnormally growing. In early 90th first online casinos were launched. Everybody treated them with unconcealed suspicion. But by the end of 90th more gamblers were in sympathy with online establishments and this fact influence on a growth of gambling houses in the Internet.
Development of online casinos resulted in a new feature – arrival of mobile betting. At first sight you may think, that playing for money on your mobile is simple, but it's not so simple as it may seem. Let's focus on pluses and minuses of mobile betting.

Pluses of mobile betting
You may easily guess, that the biggest plus of this sphere is access from anywhere where Internet is available. No matter, you're in the cafe or at home, or at your friend's house, you can play anytime and in any world casino. Interface is detailed and very usable in order you don't feel the difference between your PC version and mobile one. Besides, when you play on your device, advertisement doesn't bother you, as well as other unimportant stuff which you suffer from on a desktop.
If you want to use mobile soft, you don't have to rejoin again, your old password and login are keys to your account in the online casino. Insert them and come into world of excitement and bright emotions that your device contains.

Sometimes failures may occur in the work of gambling operators and in the work of internet providers too. Usually mobile software contains less information, but some gamblers consider it an advantage.
We should notice, that in some games clicking on mobile buttons is not so comfortable like you're used to. And finally, displays of a mobile phone and your computer differ a lot. The latter has a bigger sizes and play on it is more spectacular than on a mobile phone with a few graphic effects.

Sum up
In general, the quality of services provided by online casinos and versions for mobiles is merely the same and on a high level. It's no surprising because such software giants as Playtech, Microgaming are engaged in this process.
And we earnestly recommend you to spend you money in mobile casinos of high repute, trusting your money into brands you have already dealt with on your computer. Your money will be in safe only with responsible gambling operators, choose them only!

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