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Betfair is a very large gambling community that provides bets on different sports (football, tennis, basketball, baseball, boxing, volleyball and so on), greyhound and horse racing and invites you play casino games, exchange games, slots and poker. We go into detail on sports at Betfair.
You hear he word “betting” and of course suppose, that people make money here only by placing bets. If you read this article, you understand that additional income at Betfair is possible, but how? So, listen:

  • Traditional way of increasing your income is wagering. Don't brush this suggestion so fast. Betfair has 7 million clients and they earn by betting there. If there are so many bettors around, may be you should weigh your own chances. Of course, without basic knowledge about teams and a principle of Betfair operation, you will lose more     that you win. But on the other hand, you may find so many useful sources about how Betfair works, what is Back and Lay, types of bet,     betting systems, sporting statistics and projection from efficient bettors. Don't be lazy and read them. Betfair provides you with all necessary tools for making money: one of the highest odds, no     interference into odd forming, a wide range of sporting events, in-play betting, live results, liquid markets, limitless winnings. What else do you need?
  • Betfair     is a betting exchange and multinational public comes here with only one purpose. Make money? Yes, but how? As on ordinary exchanges people are engaged in trading, on Betfair bettors as well trade odds. It's so simple as just to predict an outcome of a match and Back the team. For successful trading you need to spend time, efforts and money on practice, it may be well so you lose some funds, but in a result you don't depend on winners, on a number of scores, etc. Your focus is on odds move and your betting strategy.     There's enough information about betting systems used on Betfair.        
  • If you're not willing to steep into betting, you can resort to another of earning. But you have to own a site/blog/other resource to join     partnership program of Betfair. You create an account on Betfair and place a special link on your site. For clients that clicked on your link and then registered, you get compensation (one-time pay or some     percent of exchange's income from this user). Betfair has “Refer and earn” promotion for customers. When you create an account on Betfair, Betfair system generates a special promo code for you. When you attract new customers and motivate them to join Betfair community, give them this code in order they insert it during registration and you get additional funds for stakes. The more users, the more money.
  • When you become an experienced punter and develop your own betting strategy, you can make money on it. There are a lot of free betting strategies in the web that are commonly used by bettors. But nobody prevents you from creating your new one. And then sell it or teach     freshers. A lot of strategy makers participate in partnership programs. Thus you can increase program sales. You just find a like-minded person or one who wants to profit from it and give him a link on your system. All he needs is to recommend your video course, when somebody clicks on the link and download the program, a partner takes some percent from the course cost. If you have no desire to share your strategy with anybody, join some partnership program and make profit on advertising.   
  • The betting exchange is noteworthy the more because your play can be automated with special bots. It's automated or semi-automated programs designed to carry out repetitive tasks like to place a bet that corresponds certain conditions, to balance loss/profit on every outcome. As well as betting strategies, there are variety of free bots, that can be easily downloaded from net. But betting developers adapt bots to new trends and possibilities they find on Betfair and produce new pay software. You have two ways: either you spend time on creating a new bot, or take part in a partnership program and advertise somebody's program. It's is up to you to decide: get a small part from somebody else's profit or give a small part to somebody else from your profit.


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